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The Tarot and Astrology

Tarot Cards and Astrology are two powerful tools that have been used for centuries in order to gain insight into the mysteries of the human condition. When combined, they can help seekers to unlock even deeper levels of understanding and guidance.

Tarot spreads are a fundamental part of using Tarot Cards and can be seamlessly adapted to incorporate astrology. For example, I can create a Tarot spread that corresponds to the 12 houses of the zodiac, with each position in the spread corresponding to a different house. This way, a seeker can gain insight into the various areas of their life that are influenced by the planets and signs in each house. Another way I love to incorporate Astrology into my Tarot readings is to create a Tarot spread that corresponds to specific astrological events such as a full moon, eclipse, or planetary transit (think Mercury in retrograde)

Each and every Tarot Card is associated with a specific set of meanings and symbolism. I can enhance the message in the card during a reading by incorporating a little astrology. For example, The Five of Cups Tarot Card is traditionally associated with loss, grief, and disappointment. When I look at the astrological association of the Tarot Card (every Tarot Card has an astrological association) I know that the 5 of Cups is associated with the planet Mars in Scorpio. This tells me that the seeker may need to confront a difficult emotion and transform it into something positive. By incorporating astrology into my interpretation I can gain a deeper understanding of the message and path forward.

When used together, Tarot Cards and Astrology can be incredibly powerful tools for gaining even deeper insights into ourselves and the world around us. By understanding a few basic principles I can use them together in a way that is both meaningful and transformative. In fact, there are endless possibilities for using these two powerful tools together.

If you are interested in experiencing the power of Tarot and Astrology firsthand, I invite you to book a Birth Chart and Tarot reading on this website. With the date, time and location of your birth combined with a customized Tarot reading, I can help you gain general insight into the mysteries of your life path.

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